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Home esu course presentations about the journal become a member missing issue form online tools contact not logged in login european urology current issue articles in press live articles resource centres archive supplements surgery in motion information for authors you are here › archive › article (abstract) rss facebook twitter youtube subscribe to journal journal article page european urology volume 42, issue 2, pages 79-198, august 2002 interstitial hyperthermia using self-regulating thermoseeds combined with conformal radiation therapy serdar deger, dirk boehmer, ingolf tã¼rk, jan roigas, volker budach, stefan a loening. Accepted 10 june 2002, published online 2 august 2002, pages 147 - 153 full text full-text pdf (248 kb) create platinum slide series abstract objective: the combination of hyperthermia and radiation in the treatment of malignancies is based on a variety of experimental data which have proven the synergistic effects of these two treatment modalities. viagra online We planned a phase ii trial in a special hyperthermia research group (sfb 273) of the german research foundation (deutsche forschungsgemeinschaft, dfg) to determine feasibility, acute toxicity and efficacy of this combination for prostate cancer. viagra for sale no prescription Methods: a total of 57 patients with localized prostate cancer were treated with interstitial hyperthermia using cobalt-palladium thermoseeds and conformal radiation between july 1997 and december 2000. Thermoseeds were placed into the prostate homogeneously. viagra xanax drug interactions Hyperthermia was created using a magnetic field and was delivered in six sessions once weekly. viagra coupon code 3d-conformal radiotherapy of 68. buy cheap viagra 4 gy was given simultaneously in daily fractions of 1. death viagra 1000 ways die 8 gy. viagra buy Results: intra-prostatic temperatures were between 42 and 46 â°c. buy cheap viagra No major side effects were observed during hyperthermia. viagra generic in canada Median follow-up was 12 months (range: 3–26 months). death viagra 1000 ways die Median prostate specific antigen (psa) value decreased from 11. buying generic viagra 6 to 2. buy cheap viagra 4 ng/ml 3 months after treatment, to 1. Anwendung viagra 100mg 3 ng/ml 12 months after treatment and to 0. How does viagra work on men 55 ng/ml 2 years after the therapy. cheap viagra free shipping Conclusion: interstitial hyperthermia is feasible, well tolerated and led to a steep decrease of psa values. Does generic viagra look like Our current follow-up is too short to comment about efficacy. buy cheap viagra Combining effective interstitial hyperthermia with conformal radiotherapy may be an exciting innovative treatment option for prostate cancer. viagra generico farmacia italiana Keywords: interstitial hyperthermia, thermoseed, ra. cheap viagra online no precription in canada death viagra 1000 ways die
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