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Esentation, gender, tumor histology, size, follow-up time, and vital status. Data for treatment modalities were also extracted. Patients with minor salivary gland malignancies or major salivary gland benign neoplasms were excluded. Data were tabulated and imported into spss, version 10. best site to buy viagra 0. From the disease variables, tumor location was noted, as well as histologic tumor type. Standard descriptive statistics were calculated for the demographic and clinical variables. buy herbal viagra online uk Kaplan-meier survival analysis was conducted for the entire cohort according to histologic tumor type and tumor location. A total of 113 cases of pediatric major salivary gland malignancies were identified for the time period under evaluation. can cut viagra pills half The mean age at presentation was 13. buying viagra online legal us 2 years, with a slight female predominance (56 percent). viagra without a doctor prescription Mean tumor size was 2. generic viagra 5 cm for both parotid gland and submandibular gland tumors. There were 103 parotid gland malignancies and 10 submandibular gland malignancies. buying viagra online legal us Key findings included: â· of the parotid malignancies, the most common histologic type was mucoepidermoid carcinoma (mec) (43 percent), followed by acinic cell carcinoma (acc) (34 percent) and embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (six percent). Of the submandibular gland malignancies, two (20 percent) were mec, and three (30 percent) were acc. generic viagra without prescription â· extraglandular tumor extension was identified in 23 (22 percent) of the parotid gland malignancies and two (20 percent) of the submandibular gland malignancies. canada drugs online viagra Only one patient (with parotid gland mec) presented with facial nerve paralysis. generic viagra canada â· among the parotid gland malignancies, nine patients (8. 7 percent) presented with local-regional lymphadenopathy, whereas none of the submandibular gland malignancies presented with pathological lymphadenopathy. buy generic viagra online All patients were treated with surgery, which consisted of superficial or total parotidectomy with modified neck dissection for local lymphatic disease for parotid gland malignancies, and submandibular gland resection for submandibular gland malignancies. Thirty-one patients received adjuvant post-operative radiation therapy of varying doses, energies, a. cheapest viagra online uk Date Created: Mon May 14 09:30:07 2012